Superior Διαμερίσματα 4 ατόμων

Superior Διαμερίσματα 4 ατόμων 2019-09-30T11:59:23+00:00

Superior Διαμερίσματα 4 ατόμων

Η άψογη κατανομή του χώρου των 35-40 τετραγωνικών μέτρων καθιστά αυτά τα κομψά Superior Διαμερίσματα ιδανικά για οικογένειες ή φιλικές παρέες που θέλουν να απολαύσουν τις υπέροχες ανέσεις τους. Είναι πρόσφατα ανακαινισμένα, και ξεχωρίζουν για την άνεση, τον σχεδιασμό τους αλλά και την ιδιαίτερη διακόσμηση που αρμόζει στο πλέον κοσμοπολίτικο νησί των Κυκλάδων.

Τα Superior Διαμερίσματα του Panormos Village αποτελούνται από δυο χώρους. Στον ένα από τους δύο χώρους υπάρχει ένα διπλό κρεβάτι ενώ ο δεύτερος αποτελείται από δύο μονά κρεβάτια. Διαθέτουν βεράντα με υπέροχη απρόσκοπτη θέα στην θάλασσα και στον κόλπο του Πανόρμου.

Πιο συγκεκριμένα:

  • Ένα υπνοδωμάτιο με ένα διπλό κρεβάτι
  • Ένα δεύτερο δωμάτιο με δύο μονά κρεβάτια
  • Διακόσμηση που συνδυάζει το παραδοσιακό με το μοντέρνο
  • Βεράντα
  • Ψυγείο
  • Τοστιέρα
  • Βραστήρας
  • Καφετιέρα γαλλικού καφέ
  • Δορυφορική κεραία
  • Τηλεόραση επίπεδης οθόνης/LCD/Plasma
  • Τηλέφωνο
  • Σίδερο/Σιδερώστρα
  • Αυτόνομος κλιματισμός Ψύξης – Θέρμανσης
  • Δάπεδο με πλακάκια
  • Ντουλάπα
  • Παντόφλες
  • Μίνι μπαρ
  • Θυρίδα ασφαλείας
  • Πιστολάκι μαλλιών
  • Είδη προσωπικής περιποίησης
  • Ασύρματο Wi-Fi στον χώρο της βεράντας χωρίς χρέωση

Dear and valued guests of Panormos Village,

During these unexpected and difficult times, the team of Panormos Village is here to assure you about how, now more than ever, yours as well as our staff’s safety is on the front line. We have taken immediate action to monitor the latest standards and protocols related to COVID-19 issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Greek Government and Ministry of Health, local health agencies, and public health officials. Everything is done in order to keep your health and well-being a top priority. Please find below an update on what we are doing to ensure your safety before, during, and after your stay with us.

Main measures:


  • Check-in time has been moved at 15:00 p.m of the more intense and detailed cleaning of the room.
  • All room keys will have already been sterilized before new guests get hands on them.
  • Intact check-in will be available via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. {In case you are not able to do so, please make sure you have all required documents with you.} Check-in will be done one room at a time while following social distancing practices {in case of multiple simultaneous check ins}

During your stay:

  • Hand sanitizers have been placed in all public spaces as well as in guests’ rooms.
  • Our staff has been fully trained in accordance with the recent hygiene rules and will be wearing face masks, face shields, and rubber gloves.
  • During your stay, your room will not be cleaned daily. This applies for linen {bed sheets, towels, etc} as well. If you wish otherwise, you can ask for the daily cleaning of the room to the reception or by e-mail.
  • All hotel clothing will be washed at 60 °C and above. Washed linen and clothes will be separated from those that are unwashed in separate bags of different colors when transferred from the hotel’s housekeepers.
  • The use of hand sanitizer will be mandatory before entering the restaurant, bar, and breakfast area.
  • When using public spaces, our staff will make sure of the maintenance of social distancing practices, if needed, to ensure yours and others' safety.
  • The frequency of disinfection and cleaning of public spaces will be increased while suitable for the situation disinfectants will be used in pool water.
  • Buffet breakfast will be available while following all necessary guidelines and hygiene practices. However, it could be replaced by a hot a la cart breakfast served at the table. Upon request, it could also be served in the room.
  • In the case that you feel unwell and/or experience COVID-19 symptoms, please let the staff know immediately so that we can assure yours and others' safety.

Check out:

  • Please ensure you have all your personal belongings with you. After your stay, your room will go through deep cleaning in order to be prepared for the next guest.
  • Check out will take place at 11:00 a.m. To thoroughly clean the room before the next guest enters.
  • Intact check out will also be available.
  • Check out will be done one room at a time, while following social distancing practices as with the check-in.

Until then, stay safe, wash your hands, help others, and keep it positive. We all looking forward to welcoming you soon at Panormos Village with the same smile and warmth we have always done.
If you have any queries about your booking or the information you read in this statement please do not hesitate to contact us at

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