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Mykonos is one of the most popular destinations in Greece and around the world.
Glamorous and cosmopolitan, the island attracts all the famous celebrities all around the world since the 1960s to date.

Not by chance, it is voted in the 100 top places of the best holiday destinations: excellent beaches, award-winning restaurants, endless mythical parties, expensive yachts, dreamy villas, beautiful people and five star services from the accommodation through the beach bars.

What many do not know about Mykonos is that it is a “two-sided” island. It can be passionate, shinny and cosmopolitan but on the other hand it is very picturesque, with paved alleys, whitewashed houses, country chapels and windmills that exude calmness and tranquility.

The uniqueness of the island lies in the fact that it covers all the requirements: both visitors who are lovers of nightlife and intense emotions, as well as those who wish to visit sights, archaeological sites and find out the traditional everyday life of the place.

Panormos beach is famous for the crystal clear waters and the beautiful location.

ΒIt is located at the northernmost point of Mykonos, in the bay of Ftelia. It is a bay inside the bay which means that the wind is much calmer there.
With fewer visitors than other places of Mykonos, Panormos beach is just before the beach of Agios Sostis. The fact that the place is not as much crowdie as others in Mykonos, allows visitors to enjoy the serenity of the unique landscapes.

While the umbrellas marking the soft sand, the sunlight waking you up every morning and the soft sounds of the calm waters dazzle you in the evenings, it is easy to understand why Panormos has become a world-class holiday destination.

Mykonos is known for its many beautiful beaches, among the most sought after in Greece.

Starting from the magnificent beach of Panormos Bay and the Panormos Village, you can visit many different beaches. We suggest you some of the most famous and the most beautiful after Panormos beach.

Ornos is a lovely, organized beach with fine sand. Located in front of a fishing village on an inlet, the beach offers quiet waters, protected from the wind.

Psarou is one of the island’s most popular beaches noted for its beauty and proximity to Mykonos town.

Agios Ioannis and Kapari are small, quiet beaches and among the most exquisite, with a romantic sunset and view of Delos.

A must on the beach clubber’s agenda are Paranga, about 6 km from the town, Paradise and Super Paradise Beaches. The bars are many, the music is loud and the DJ’s are among the best.

An alternative to the action of these beaches are Agios Sostis on the northern coast. Like Panormos, Agios Sostis is a beach that offers pure tranquility and crystal clear waters.

Ftelia is also located on the north side of the island. It is worth visiting as it is a beautiful, quiet and clean beach that is considered to be the most ideal for windsurf and kite surf due to winds and sea currents.

Elia, on the south coast, has the island’s longest sandy beach. It is a quiet, organized and favored by lovers of naturism.

Kalo Livadi, a beautiful, calm beach perfect for families.

Kalafatis, in the southeast, is a windy beach with a wind surfing centre. The beach offers all types of water sports and scuba diving.

Lia, one of the few beaches with pebbles is framed by two rocks, one on each side, with crystal clear water.

Starting from Panormos Village Hotel, all the beaches of Mykonos are within small distances.

Do not hesitate to ask for any information you need.


If you visit Mykonos, do not miss to take a stopover at the nearby Delos Island.

Although it is one of the smallest Aegean islands, in ancient times, was the most sacred island.

A tour of about 3 hours takes place on this historic island, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis.

Visit the ancient temples, the mansions with mosaic floors, the famous “Lions” of Delos, the ancient theater and many other attractions.

On a daily bases, a traditional small boat departs from the southern coast of Mykonos for an all-day cruise to the uninhabited Dragonissi and then to the secluded beach of Frangia for swimming and snorkelling.

Then you can head to the long beach of Kalafatis. This beautiful trip ends at Paradise Beach.

At Panormos Village, the well trained staff can bring together the client with some of the best boat excursions agents that arrange daily trips on secluded beaches so that can see and enjoy the hidden beauties of the island.
In addition, we can arrange, on behalf of our guests, their participation on day trips to Delos or in any other activity they like.

As a final point, our hotel provides bicycles, maps and guides for small excursions to historical or natural sights of the area.
All you have to do is ask for it!

Water Sports

Surfing: Every summer, Mykonos gathers many surfers because of the strong winds that blow near the coasts of the island. You can choose among of dozens of beaches, but the most secluded are the best.

You can choose Korfos, Ftelia, Megali Ammos and Kalafatis where you can also take classes next to professional surfers.

Water Skiing: Most organized beaches of Mykonos offer visitors the joy of water skiing. Even if you are a beginner or an experienced skier, you can rent the right equipment and take some classes by the professionals of the kind.

Diving: Mykonos is one of the oldest diving destinations in Greece. The island has organized diving centers, with years of experience and modern equipment that offering a range of beginners and advanced programs. The best month for diving in Mykonos is September, due to the appropriate water temperature and high visibility at the sea bottom.

Mykonos, like all the Cycladic complex’s islands, has many breathtaking landscapes and beaches.

Local museums, traditional windmills, churches and mansions, as well as archaeological sites with remarkable ruins dating back to antiquity are also some of the best sights.

A walk to get to know the culture and the great variety of wines of the island will lead you down to the town of Mykonos. The Agricultural Museum, the 6 famous windmills, the Folklore Museum which is housed in an 11th-century house, as well as at the Maritime Museum are perfect choices to know Mykonos better.

Little Venice, a small neighborhood with old, built on the rock houses with colorful facades, as well as the windmills, are probably the most photographed sights of Mykonos Town.

The church of Panagia Paraportiani and Agios Stefanos are two of the most picturesque sights. Visitors take hundreds of photos every day in their bright white courtyards as the blue sky is the perfect background.

Cosmopolitan Mykonos is famous for its extreme nightlife and this is one of the many reasons that gathers numerous celebrities from Greece and abroad every year.

The visitors start to swarm at the narrow cobbled streets of Mykonos Town and the Little Venice in the afternoon when the sun is down. A wide variety of clubs, bars, cafes, live music halls, restaurants and seaside taverns are some of the options in Mykonos’ nightlife.

There are also plenty of bars and night clubs where well-known dj’s from all around the world play number one music hits.

The most famous street is Matogiannia, filled with shops, beautiful cafes and elegant restaurants.

Shopping in Mykonos is a tradition.

Down town Mykonos you can see being launched the latest clothes and shoes collections as well as all the new collections of jewelry.

The island, has taken the first place of the hearts of all the fashion icons all over the world.

It is not a coincidence that in the narrow streets of the island you will meet the hottest celebrities, most well-dressed fashion designers, actors and singers shopping.

Mykonian cuisine stands out for its variety of flavors.

The cuisine of Mykonos includes dishes such as pork with cabbage or greens, sausages, fishes, marathokeftedes (fennel croquettes, garlic pasta and pastries such as melopita (honey pie), pasteli and nougats.

Mykonos is also famous for the Kopanisti, a soft cheese with a strong pepper flavor, which is the trademark of the island.

A wonderful appetizer when you drink ouzo, which is very common in Mykonos, is the “mostra with copanist”, where mostra is the mykonian rusk with some little olive oil, kopanisti and tomato.

Every year, from October to Christmas, the “pigs’ slaughters” are made on the island. Products based on the local hunter’s tradition are the Mykonian sausages, made from pork meat with lots of spices and baked in salt. Fine appetizers are also the “louza”, pork loin with roasted pepper, oregano and salt, fried “payda” with eggs, pork head boiled with cabbages and the “sisera” or “syglina”.

At Panormos Village’s restaurant you can taste some of these recipes as well as other tasty Mykonian dishes.

Dear and valued guests of Panormos Village,

During these unexpected and difficult times, the team of Panormos Village is here to assure you about how, now more than ever, yours as well as our staff’s safety is on the front line. We have taken immediate action to monitor the latest standards and protocols related to COVID-19 issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Greek Government and Ministry of Health, local health agencies, and public health officials. Everything is done in order to keep your health and well-being a top priority. Please find below an update on what we are doing to ensure your safety before, during, and after your stay with us.

Main measures:


  • Check-in time has been moved at 15:00 p.m of the more intense and detailed cleaning of the room.
  • All room keys will have already been sterilized before new guests get hands on them.
  • Intact check-in will be available via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. {In case you are not able to do so, please make sure you have all required documents with you.} Check-in will be done one room at a time while following social distancing practices {in case of multiple simultaneous check ins}

During your stay:

  • Hand sanitizers have been placed in all public spaces as well as in guests’ rooms.
  • Our staff has been fully trained in accordance with the recent hygiene rules and will be wearing face masks, face shields, and rubber gloves.
  • During your stay, your room will not be cleaned daily. This applies for linen {bed sheets, towels, etc} as well. If you wish otherwise, you can ask for the daily cleaning of the room to the reception or by e-mail.
  • All hotel clothing will be washed at 60 °C and above. Washed linen and clothes will be separated from those that are unwashed in separate bags of different colors when transferred from the hotel’s housekeepers.
  • The use of hand sanitizer will be mandatory before entering the restaurant, bar, and breakfast area.
  • When using public spaces, our staff will make sure of the maintenance of social distancing practices, if needed, to ensure yours and others' safety.
  • The frequency of disinfection and cleaning of public spaces will be increased while suitable for the situation disinfectants will be used in pool water.
  • Buffet breakfast will be available while following all necessary guidelines and hygiene practices. However, it could be replaced by a hot a la cart breakfast served at the table. Upon request, it could also be served in the room.
  • In the case that you feel unwell and/or experience COVID-19 symptoms, please let the staff know immediately so that we can assure yours and others' safety.

Check out:

  • Please ensure you have all your personal belongings with you. After your stay, your room will go through deep cleaning in order to be prepared for the next guest.
  • Check out will take place at 11:00 a.m. To thoroughly clean the room before the next guest enters.
  • Intact check out will also be available.
  • Check out will be done one room at a time, while following social distancing practices as with the check-in.

Until then, stay safe, wash your hands, help others, and keep it positive. We all looking forward to welcoming you soon at Panormos Village with the same smile and warmth we have always done.
If you have any queries about your booking or the information you read in this statement please do not hesitate to contact us at

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