Mykonos Hotel Panormos Village

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Hotel Panormos Village

We decided to create a unique hotel named Panormos Village in one of the most beautiful places of Mykonos, the bay of Panormos.

At Panormos Village your expectations for an unforgettable hospitality will come true.

The relaxation, the fun, the sea experience along with the one and only Mediterranean and Cycladic Cuisine offered will make your stay so memorable that you will soon want to share with your friends and even look forward to coming back with them and enjoy yourselves again!

The hotel is a temple of tranquility and relaxation that combines well-being with the most magnificent view of Panormos bay.

Panormos Bay located on the northern side of Mykonos where the cosmopolitan island starts to change style and becoming a plain Cycladic island with the distinctive colors, smells and sounds of the sea.

The traditional Mykonian stone-built architecture along with the lush vegetation, create a small oasis in this beautiful site of Mykonos. The atmospheric scenery and the magnificent view to the bay of Panormos fascinate everyone. Especially the visitors of our hotel have the privilege of enjoying this spectacle of nature from their private verandas every day.